Saturday, July 7, 2007


We had another solid group at the store today. Myself and Jim went and did 800s on the capital crescent while others did long runs on the canal. Hot and humid conditions makes ideal toughening up training. Its time to roll. I am focused and can run with only lingering scar tissue in the butt and hamstring to hinder me. All of you guys will be breathing in my dust, before too long:(

I am meeting with Steve(right on the)Money and Scott(soon to be winning many 5Ks) Munro and who ever else wants to join, at the store at 6:00PM this Wed for a killer workout. Its too bad Wilson is out of action. He used to lead these wild fartlek runs in the summer heat. We would all try our best to stay with him and would die off one by one. We all got much better, though.

Keep up the good work all and drink lots of wawa.



smoney said...

Max, on Saturday you said 6:30 for the Wednesday run. Can we make it then instead of 6?

MAX said...


Merkel said...

I'm down for some fartlek Wednesday... just getting back into the swing of racing so am keeping it low-key this weekend with the DC Road runners' Bastille day 4-miler.

See you guys tomorrow!


KLIM said...

We need two. Melissa isn't around.

Dawn? Sussanah? Laura? Vanessa?

Anonymous said...

I'll be around for Wednesday but not this weekend as I am racing a favorite summer 5-miler of mine in PA. But count me in for the Rockville 8K.