Monday, July 16, 2007

Training Reports

Glad to see so many of you at the store on Saturday. Looks like people are starting to get into good shape and move away from the aches/pains of spring marathons, tapered/peaked weeks and past injuries. We'll have over a dozen (!) runners at the Twilight the GRC will be well represented.

I'm curious to know what people's goals are for Twilighter and other races? What are people training for and how has the training been going?

ME: I've been out of the loop a little bit and ran my first standard mileage week last week (60 miles) The weeks before were 25-35 miles with 2-4 days off...simply trying to get my legs back after the marathon. I still feel sluggish, as if something is missing from my legs, but I guess that will pass. It might be the heat and/or post-marathon gout. The goal is to run Rockville to "see where I am" and build from that. I need to have an end goal (race) in the horizon to shoot for and as of now that race looks to be a half marathon in mid/late fall. After Rockville, I'll start a new "battle plan" and start working my way back in shape. The 7 mile Falmouth Road Race next month will be my next BIG race. I may also race a 3k on the track in early August and some other smaller races. Since I started running in earnest and keeping track of my mileage, I've averaged 57 mpw (including weeks of 25 and 94) for the past 12 months. I plan to stay above that number as I train through the fall. After the fall half, I'll go back into "Operation Maintain" during the winter...where Christiam has to (not literally!) pull me out of bed and get me out in the cold pre-dawn darkness for runs. I'd like to run a lot of the spring races next year that I missed this year.

Should we still meet at "the LINE" every other Saturday, or is the store simply a better location for everyone? I am going to get back into Sunday long runs (no more than 15) once the weather cools and once I get over my "gout".

What about others? Goals for Rockville? Goals for the summer? Upcoming races? There are about 30 people on this message board, so it'll be interesting to know what all of you have in mind. Just want to generate some your "comments" below.

run well,



Havegoats said...

You're status is exactly where i'm at to. So Rockville will be a chance for a glorified workout. After this, I want to get back to 90s, but change the approach. The last bout was steady and consistent mileage and pace. This time I will do four easy runs and a workout, tempo run, and long easy. Sub 15:10 for 5k, and 2:30 at boston.

Dane said...

I have only done one other 8k before so my modest goal is to break 30 minutes. While only a workout for some it will be pushing it for me, the moderately-fast-at-most-guy.

Wiggy said...

Im in the same boat as klim and Jason... I have just got back into consistent running (this being my second week)... I ran 3 days a week 2 weeks leading up to the wedding and the 2 weeks after.... My game plan for the 8k is to stay conservative for the first 3 miles and try to work the last 2... i guess see what happens... I sometimes can run quick off not much so, i hope i can get in the mid 26's
I have begun my lead up towards the rock and roll half marathon on labor day weekend... i will go into that without a taper... but will be at about 70 miles a week leading into it... I am from there going to raise up to around 80 and then begin to go down... a few xc meets will work....
The big goal is the USATF XC Championships in feb... i will take a week of easy running to rest the legs from base work end of Nov... then work up with more speed emphasis into the xc championships... then go into track season... try to get a Big pr at 5k this year sub 14:30.