Thursday, July 12, 2007


Who is coming out this Sat? So far I have Money, Munro, Hage, Lockwood, Pavel Frelich, Martin Lanz, Camacho and Cooke. Others? What about the boys from Bethesda, Klim and Dwyer?

Yesterday, Money, Devin, Merkel and I did a killer workout in the steam along the Canal. 2 mile warm up and cool down and then 10 2 minute on 1 off sets for a total of 9 miles. The old man(me) ran those young guys into the pebbles and stones. Felt good:) Life is short.

BTW----Cooke, yesterday, Wilson reminded me that you need to get your butt in action and start training hard again. You can't keep relying on "I was an all American" that was some time ago. No more running the 25 minute runs with the "all comers" on wednesdays. Its time to push it and throw caution to the wind. You can reclaim your crown, if you want it bad enough.

Max's motivational speech----------

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Dane said...

In Erie this weekend going for a half-marathon PR. It is actually going to be in the 60s at race time. Was it February the last time we saw 60s in DC?