Friday, July 16, 2010

Rockville Twilighter Team

This is the (final) team for the Rockville Twilighter:

Joseph Wiegner III
Karl Dusen
Lindsey Jerdonek
Shannon O' Neill
Christopher Bain
Jake Marren
Patrick Hughes
Matthew Ernst

Max and a few employees from the Store might also be racing.

The race starts at 8:45pm, but I suggest getting there around 7:30 to meet and then to warm up. Parking is tricky, but not just need to give yourself time since it's a large race.

You pick your numbers/swag up here: VisArts building at 155 Gibbs - it is the same invited athlete location as last year.

I will sit this one out due to a nagging injury, but will be at the race to support and cheer. I'll be at the invited runners room circa 7:30pm.



Andy said...

I'll see you guys out on the course. Good luck! Nice to see we have a women's contingent of more than one!

Karl D. said...

By the way, my phone is busted. The screen is black and I can't find people's numbers either. If you need me call and leave a message with your number and I'll try to call you back. I have ordered a new phone but it's back-ordered, so if anyone has an old phone lying around that will accept an AT&T SIM card I would really appreciate it if I could borrow it.

Ancient Chinese Secret said...

I will be volunteering along the course. Go GRC…

Karl: I have an old Samsung sgh-c207 that I use as my fifth alarm (seriously). If you want to borrow it in the mean time, then I will bring it to you tomorrow.

Karl D. said...

Thanks, that would be great. I hope it takes my SIM card.

Ancient Chinese Secret said...
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Ian Hankins said...

good luck guys run fast go GRC, it's hot so be sure to hydrate

Patrick Hughes said...

ugh, i've been trying to shake this headache all day and it just won't go away. i'm going to have to sit this one out. good luck, everyone! if i rebound i'll be there, but i feel like shit.