Wednesday, December 5, 2007


There is a race next Sat in dreaded Baltimore. Its a famous 5 miler called the solstice five miler. Its in a hilly park. Lets get a team together to run it. The Baltimore running clubs compete so we can go and throwdown.

I have used these races to one, have fun, and two get to know areas of the region I would not normally venture to.

Who's game?

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RM said...

It's a great race, we expect in the range of 2500 people to be there (this races has doubled every year in its 7 year history). The course is not as challenging as the Dreaded Druid Hills course held there in the summer. Definitely a fun, middle of December race. And we're having a party later that evening so anyone who wishes to stay around and hang is more than welcome! ~ Ryan McGrath