Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Years!

So I thought I would partake in the long musing style of recent bloggership and share a few thoughts on running in quebec, which is a seven hour drive north of Boston.

For those historical buffs, quebec will kick off its 400th year celebration. It is the oldest "western" settlement in north america. It is neat top think about how jamestown was founded in the same year (give or take a year) and survives as a field. quebec is booming. in 1609, shakespeare was still alive.

French is the primary language, though nearly all know english. Their license plates say in french "never forget" and referes to their loss to the brits. yet, their money has the queen on it.

their traffic lights blink green when they switch over... I guess to alert people that it is time to go. there is a pedestrian cycle with each intersection. At this time all sides can cross, no cars can turn or cross... so, one could cross diagonally if one was inclined.

It has snowed almost every day up here. they have some intense snow clearing equipment... some which look very intimidating. Many of the machine collect the snow they plow, not just push it... so the plow won't snow in a parked car. genius! They work round the clock, so the city does not shut down... as evident by there not being an runs on the grocery stores.

Christine and I had spent our second new years up here (5 years ago). Very romantic. There is an old, walled section on top of a hill that over looks the St. Laurence river. Cannons line the walls, and all the building are made of stone. They will have fireworks tonight.

I recommend this place to anyone. Fells like Europe without crossing the pond.

Happy new year to all!

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