Thursday, December 27, 2007



I am doing a run on sat out at Great Falls in Northern, VA. Its all trails. I am trying to throw some variety in the runs and keep the outlook fresh. For those that are interested in joining in, give me a shout at We can carpool out there and have breakfrast or something after. Its a 20-25 minute ride from the store in G-town. I can meet people at the store at 7:45am, if need be. I plan on going no more than 14 miles or 95 minutes. Others can do what they will and we will wait and so forth.


Today I had a chance to catch up with Chris Raabe on a run. Chris ran 2:17 at the trials and is a good example of someone who has really improved over the past 2 or 3 years. Aside from being a talented runner he has quite a bit of knowledge about the art of running. For those interested in pushing it to the limits, you might want to catch up with him on one of his workouts. I think he typically leaves from the store everyday at 3pm for a run.

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