Saturday, December 8, 2007

USATF Club XC Champs

Results from the meet today are below. The snow and mudd seemed to be a huge factor in the slow times from the race as a whole. With all of that in perspective, the guys looked like they ran real tough... They were not able to score as a team due to my absence. I feel terrible about it... I have been battling a hamstring injury that occurred late last week and on top of that came down sick wednesday night.... Some bad luck... not a shocker with my running career!

Good job fellas... Hope you had a fun time out there!


KLIM said...

WIRE: The race was a quagmire.

Conditions were wicked! The 10k (3 laps of 2 miles) were a mixture of snow, ice cold puddles, sloopy muck and lots and lots of muddy grass...the kind that sucks your spikes off if you're not careful. There was one spot where water was shin deep and at least a half dozen spots where the mire was over ankle deep. They also threw in hay bales to hurdle.

Times went out the window so it was just a battle for place. Some have suggested times were 3 minutes slower than the same distance over the road...maybe even slower for some?

I was happy with my race as I beat all but two of the rival Pacers. I definitely moved up on a lot of people in the last 2 miles narrowing in on the "drier" sections of the course and surging whenever I could. All the guys out there were top dawgs.



Nietzche said...

Jake comes in at around 2:40. I'm at 3:40ish and patrick and dylan at 4:40ish

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