Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cherry Blossom

Man their website must be jammed. Hopefully it will be easier to register later in the day. Anyways, just reminding yinz to register for Cherry Blossom if you so desire. It will probably be closed by this time tomorrow!


KLIM said...

I am in. We should put together a team.

Who else is racing?

DaveO said...
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DaveO said...

I'm having the same problem with the site and will just keep on trying. Not much better but still signing up even if I have to walk the damn thing. Seeing doc K, who is supposed to be the IT Band Man at the end of the month so my hopes are high that I can come out and throw down at CB.

PR said...

All signed up--I didn't have any trouble with the site, so I'd give it another shot.

KLIM said...

Men's Open Team results from last year...

49:51 50:02 50:16 ( 52:15) ( 52:46) = 2:30:09 Patrick MacAdie M, Steven Crane M, Edmund Burke M, Brian Baillie M, Bert Rodriguez M


54:37 54:37 55:08 ( 55:55) = 2:44:22
Randy McDermott M, Steve Hammel M, Tom Williams M, Mike Colaiacovo M
54:41 54:45 59:00 (1:01:16) = 2:48:26
Brian Tullock M, Aaron Schwartzbard M, Brady Dehoust M, Gary Grilliot
55:08 56:45 57:54 (1:00:22) = 2:49:47
Kent Werner M, Jason Tripp M, Mark Breitenbach M, Brian Fleming M
54:14 59:22 1:01:31 (1:04:51) (1:05:02) = 2:55:07
Frank Sprtel M, Chris Farley M, Brian Farley M, Brian Collins M, Ben
Kittredge M

Scott said...

Megan and I are all signed up. I just went back to the website and it says the race is full. Can that be the case? Did it fill in 6 hours?

MAX said...

online is full. fyi--i told them to delete your registration submission:) kidding. we are working on getting a team together.

Nate said...

Got in on the first try. Can't believe it filled up so fast!
I would be down for the team Jake.

LTO said...

I got in as well.

christiam said...

Crap!! I had family visiting and didn't get to register online... I've mailed my entry, so hopefully I'll still get in.