Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Weekend Runs

I'm planning to run 10 or so from the GRC on Saturday morning at 9:00am. I want to avoid an "out and back" along the canal, but would like to include it in some capacity. Any ideas are welcome.
On Sunday, I'm sleeping "late" and running at Riley's Lock at 10:00am. My plan is to run the first 8 at 6:20-30 pace, the next 5 at 6:00 pace and then cool down the last 2 miles. Total is 15 miles...3/4 of it on trails/towpath/dirt road. There are options to make the run 13 or even less. It's a great run for those who haven't done it before. Directions are below.
There will be a "Brooks Pacer" or two at each of these runs. It should spice things up. I'm bringing a switch blade in case any of them try something.
RILEY'S LOCK Directions: From I-495, take the River Road west exit. Continue several miles until River Road turns left at Seneca Road (there is a stop sign). Turn left, then proceed a few hundred yards until Riley's Lock Road on your left (13015 Riley's Lock Road - Google Maps, MapQuest ).
Let me know if you're coming by Friday evening so we know whether to wait. Please note that cell reception at Riley's is spotty. Hope to see you there.


MAX said...

Jake, that is a funny post. I will try to come on Sunday with numcucks in tow.

PR said...

I should be good for Saturday and/or Sunday.

havegoats said...

If you go up glover park, take a left towards battery kimble park... and cross mcGarthur by the little red school (the trail picks back up over there...)follow it to the foot bridge over Arizona ave... cross it and immediately disembark onto arizona (only crappy part of the run). When it forks, go up the hill, potomac ave. At the top of the hill, you can access the canal... it picks up around 7.5. I do this loop regularly... it is really nice... and you only cross roads... not run on them (I even pick up glover via the canal, I don't run on m street). I have already done much of this run with you.

havegoats said...

by the way, I can't make the runs this weekend as I am out of town.

Allen Carr said...

I will be there for Sundays run

Nate said...

I'm in for the Sunday run.