Sunday, December 9, 2007


Went out and did the Jingle Bell Race this am. First and foremost, our team won! Michelle and Vanessa both ran well for the women and the guys did reasonably well to take the team crown. Not much to write about as the it was the usual out and back Haines Point race. I think I have run a race on this course, at least 100 times so there is only so much one can say. Either you are in good shape and run a real fast race or you do not. I am neither in bad or good shape. somewhere in the middle. My lungs and overall fitness is excellent. The legs are not what they once were in terms of turnover. Maybe that is the aging process doing its thing. We will see.

Bottom line is I feel great and never really hurt or felt too much pain. Ran a total of 14 miles today including the run to the race and then the run after(5 miles).

Next on the horizon is this little 5 mile race in Baltimore. I am hoping to round up 5 or 6 people to run it. I have never run in that neck of the woods, so I figure I will run the race and add 6 or 7 miles to it and make it a medium/long run adventure in a new scene.

If interested, give me a shout.

PS. Humor moment of the day was at Mile 1.5 I hear "oh S......T", I look to my side and see Nate Timm staring down at a shoelace come undone. The rest is history.

PS2 It was great to see Allen, Peter, the "old man" and his kid, Chris Raabe and others, cheering the team on. thanks for coming out!

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