Sunday, December 2, 2007


Congrats to all those who did the Gar-Williams half. Great training run.

I did something called the Metric Marathon(16.3 Miles) in Columbia, MD this am. I had no idea what to expect as I had neither tapered or done any thinking to prepare for this race. The most I did was make a decision to run 6 easy miles yesterday.

Columbia is a nice scenic suburban community 15 miles northeast of the District. Lots of Hills were to be expected. Race was put on by the Howard County Striders.


My friend Robert, wanted to run around 6:30 pace and I was thinking I might run with him for a few miles and then speed up.

Well, when the gun went off, some cats just flew out. There was this guy from Jake's college, maybe a senior or recent grad who took off with Steve Crane in tow. I found out after the race that the college kid pulled up lame at mile 14. Behind them were about 12 other guys and then me. I let them all go for about 2 miles and then I began to crank. Let me just tell you that this initial section of the course, along with next 10 miles or so is all hill. So, as time went on, I was able to gobble guys up until I was by myself in 4th with the 3rd place guy in eye--sight. From mile 6-10 it was 1,2,3, 4 and a bunch of dudes behind me.

At mile 10 or around there, this young guy sneaks up to my side. We run together with little surges here and there for the next 4.5 miles or so. At mile 15ish, we are neck and neck when out of nowhere, Chris Farley, comes bolting by. I did not hear or see him and it was just like, wooosh. Until that moment, I was totally content to milk it at a relaxed pace into the finish. However, when I saw Chris, I gave it 10 seconds of thought and then decided to give chase. I blew past my running mate and tried to catch Chris. I was sprinting as we he. I was gaining but he had opened too much of a gap and finished 6 seconds in front. Great tactical race on his part! I am a bit pissed at myself, though.

As for me, I finished 4th overall in 1:37 and some change. Good race considering the conditions.

I think Crane got the course record in 1:30 and something.

For those looking to kill their hammys and quads, this is one to try out. By far the toughest race in the area aside from the marathon and beyond distances. HILLS, HILLS and MORE HILLS.

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