Saturday, December 1, 2007

Gar Williams 1/2 Marathon Photos

I was out at Belle Haven Park for the Gar Williams half, taking pictures for Washington Running Report. I'd rather be out there running but my hip flexor needs time to heal. At least photography lets me vicariously experience racing. Anyway...

...I know I saw Nate, Matt, Michelle and Mathias (might have been some more people I missed.) If you want to see your photos, go to my flickr page, . If you want a copy of your pictures, email me the file name and I'll send you a version without the digital watermark. (free of charge for my friends)


Matias said...

Nice pics! Conditions were a bit on the cold side, but good weather for running fast.

My plan was to get back to running basics, go out and build as the race went on. Unfortunately could not find the extra gears to get 'er going at the turn around point.

1:21 - Even split, lots of work to do this winter.

KLIM said...

Build your base, train well...and then attack!