Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Banner Ads


This had to be changed to a .gif for their website, and I had a spelling error, so I sent them the new one.


KLIM said...

Great work!!

Karl D. said...

Very cool. By the way, I am going to e-mail my business school so that the people who didn't leave town for internships or jobs can sign up. I am not going to have much luck with out-of-town runners given it is on an evening before a work day. Has anyone reached out individually to the other area clubs(not just through FB)? Let's use our personal connections to persuade club leaders to get their athletes to come to our race!

Unknown said...

chuck this looks awesome. i added it to my site but how do i get it to link to the race website?

KLIM said...

I added it again to the top right hand corner of the blog.

You can take Chuck's URL and add that as a picture and then use the link below to get to the sign up page.