Saturday, June 5, 2010



Several of those who planned to attend the morning run at Riley's have changed plans. Sorry for the late notice. We will man a table at Fletcher's Cove (off the Clara Barton Parkway, on the canal and CCT) handing out water and Gatorade to runners all morning and promoting the Father's Day 8K. We should be all set for volunteers, but will not attend the morning run. Instead we will run in the evening in Rock Creek Park on the trails from The Line at 5PM, shooting for 15 miles.

Everyone is welcome to run as planned at 8:30AM at Riley's, or with Klim, Hughes, Murphy, et al at The Line at 5:00PM.


bain said...

I plan to be there.

bain said...

I still plan to go to Riley's at 8:30am. Post here if you going.

Unknown said...

I will be at the 5pm run. I'll be sure to bring gloves and a long sleeve