Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Saturday Volunteers

Last Sunday Charlie Ban, Patricks Murphy and Huge (and sometimes a bare chested Matt Ernst) and I, handed out cold water and Gatorade at Fletcher's boat house to runners using the Towpath/CCT. While they downed their drinks we pitched the FD8K and collected email addresses. 95% of those who stopped and drank expressed interest in the race or at least provided us their email. Needless to say, this was very successful. It was also fun and good to "give back" to those using the trail. Listening to Charlie Ban's commentary was enough payback for me.

This coming Saturday we are going to do the same thing and I need volunteers. This time we are going to have two groups; one will again meet at Fletcher's and the other will set up at/near the Watergate. I will head up the Fletcher's stop, but I need at least 3 volunteers to come and help me collect Gatorade powder, water and ice and then sit with me for a few hours handing out the goods. I also need someone to head up the Watergate water stop, preferably someone who helped at Fletcher's on Sunday and that person will also need 3 volunteers to assist.

We also need two additional small pop-up tables (card tables) to put the drinks on (we have two already) at our second stop.

Finally, we need a couple of individuals to linger around the finish line of the Lawyers Have Heart 10k and hand out fliers. Is there someone who can spearhead this?
Depending on the weather, we can either run as a team AFTER we hand out water (circa 11am) or wait until the end of the day (which we did on Sunday).
Please post in comments if you're able to assist. We need your help!


Joe Wiggy said...

I am racing Lawyers have heart on saturday. I can do what I did in philly two weeks ago and get the information out to people... Not sure if the race staff will get upset with handing out flyers at this race... as they did not approve of this at Pikes peak...

Charlie Ban said...

I think I am going to head down there early, like 7, and run 10, then watch the end of LHH and hand out fliers. So, I guess I will commandeer that operation.

KLIM said...

Wiggy - I think Charlie checked about this and we are "ok" to hand out fliers here....though Charlie can confirm.

This is great, we have two men on this operation.

Neal said...

I can help out post-LHH. I'm running it very easy, but will seek out Charlie afterwards.

P Murph said...

I will spearhead the Watergate water station and will look for volunteers (hopefully we have 3-4 people at each stop). We should plan to set up by 8AM and work until about 11. Let me know if you can help.

If anyone has a foldup table (preferably two) I'll need it for our station. Jake - let's coordinate getting water, Gatorade powder, cups, ice, coolers/tubs, tables, and sign up forms on the side. I'm sure we can meet at the store Sat AM if not earlier.

It looks like Saturday will be a scorcher, so our efforts are well timed. I will run in the evening Saturday because I think it will be too hot in the late AM. Let me know if anyone wants to run in the evening.

KLIM said...

Yes, worse case scenario, I was thinking you and I could meet at the Store to exchange supplies then break off to our respective stations.

As of now we have:

LHH FINISH - flier handout

WATERGATE - water/gatorade stop
(at least 3 more volunteers needed)

FLETCHERS - water/gatorade stop
(at least 3 more volunteers needed)

Charlie Ban said...

I'm getting clarification on handing out fliers after the race, but they're public streets so I don't think I'll lack any leverage there.
If someone can get to a WalMart, Sam's Club, BJ's, etc, Gatorade powder is ridiculously cheap there- about $8 for 8 gallons' worth (if you don't skimp)

Neal said...

Charlie, It would be ideal if we got permission to setup right after the water tables post-finish of LHH, but there's also ample space after the finish line to mill about.

KLIM said...

We still need TWO more people for EACH water stop on Saturday. Marren is helping PMurhy and Ian is helping me.

We also need two small folding tables.

Please reply if you can assist.

Patrick Hughes said...

I'm in. I'm probably going to catch a ride with PMurph, so I can help at the Watergate station.