Saturday, June 12, 2010


I suggest the team meet at Georgetown tomorrow morning for the long run and run with the Washington Running Club. This is a good club to know. They are growing and can be an ally for future events.

Back in the day they fielded one of the best teams around. Just to give you an idea, Jim Hage was probably their 5th best guy and this was when he was very good.

I think it would be good sportsmanship to run with them and then tack on your miles to make it 18. They run 10-12 anyway and its mostly in the shade.

Also, if you show up in #s its an impressive show of unified force for the Father's Day 8k.

they meet right next to the Library on M St. A block or so away from the store.

think it over

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P Murph said...

Perhaps we can reach out to WRC in the coming weeks/months. I think it's too late to change plans for tomorrow though. Let's plan ahead for the next time.