Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Proposed Wednesday Workout

Here is what I am suggesting for Wednesday @ BCC. Please post if you are planning to attend. Also let us know if you have a suggestion for an alternate workout. Since we are planning a marathon style workout for the weekend, the idea was to try something quicker but still strength building. I also think Jake M will be trying to fit in a mile time trial during part of this workout.

Ladder: 800m – 1600m – 3200m – 1600m – 800m with about 3min rest

Rough pace guidelines: 800’s at 5K pace, 1600’s at 10K pace, and 3200 at half-marathon pace


Andy said...

I'll be there, but doing a workout from my triathlon coach... 4x800 @ 5 seconds faster than 5k pace per 400, 1x3200 @ 10k pace + 10 seconds

KLIM said...

I will be there.

Joe Wiggy said...

I like it... We will probably have different pace groups... I think it is key to have people figure out their individual paces for each concentration (5k, 10k, half M) prior... it will be nice to have several different pace groups... obviously you can tweak your splits a bit so you are not running alone I am looking to hit:
800: 2:20
1600: 4:50
3200: 9:54
1600: 4:50
800: 1:10(400) and drop it

KLIM said...

4:39 (or whatever Jake Marren wants to run)

Ian Hankins said...

I'm in,

Mike C said...

I will be there, probably in the Ian group.

bain said...

I'm in. My times are pretty close to Ian's

DM said...

should be there. i should be in the Klim vicinity, though not on the 4:39

Big City said...

I can start running again! The plan for the next to weeks is 4-5 runs a week under 20min (since I don't want to fall sick again)! It won't be long before I'm back doing 45-70 a week!

Exclamation point!