Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wednesday Workout

Hey team,

I wanted to suggest a workout for Wednesday evening. We can still meet at BCC at 6:30 but I was thinking we could do a workout on the CCT instead of the track. I was thinking Fartlek or progression run. If Fartlek we could do a 5-4-3-2-1 workout (5min on/ 5min off, 4min on/ 4min off, 3min on/ 3min off, etc.). People could still have the option of doing a track workout if they want but this is what I'm leaning towards. I was looking for a more low-key comeback workout but open to suggestions. Please post if you can make it and what workout you want to do.



KLIM said...

I will be there and also prefer a non-track w/o. How fast are we supposed to run this? Is 5 mins = a mile or slower? Or faster?

Karl D. said...

Yeah, around 5 min or a touch slower:
5 min on: 10K Pace
4 min on: 8K Pace
3 min on: 5K pace
2 min on: 3k pace
1 min on: mile pace

Joe Wiggy said...

Sounds good. See you all there. Bring a change of clothes and wear Orange... Flyers game at Rock Bottom upon completion of cooldown. 8pm puck drop so lets get warm up started right away at 6:30

Ian Hankins said...

I will be there


Karl D. said...

Cool, I'm in for the workout and for dinner / hockey at Rock Bottom. GO FLYERS!