Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Perhaps, the only thing that connects me with most of you is that back when M&M was making a name for himself and was mad at the world, I was around the same age as most of you. Then for years, he was out of touch and in the abyss. Alas, he has made a comeback with a vengence.
The comeback is truly an "American thing" Kobe made a comeback from his troubles, yes, in our hearts and minds many secretly hope Tiger will make a comeback, the new pitcher for the Nats must now make a comeback and the ever so troubled M&M has risen from the bottom to reclaim fortune.

Wow. Maybe even I can make a comeback. From what, who knows? A comeback from something is the never ending song of life.

Jake, you will rise up from the bottom and find some air. Just give it time.

It took M&M years.

Please excuse the diversion from the norm.


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Diego said...

Klim, I propose to rename the blog 'GRC & M&Ms' that would reflect its content much better; I find the current title very misleading. People that google-seach M&M should definitely be redirected here.
Greetings from Amsterdam. Max you still rock.