Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hey guys , and gals

Well , to start off my name is Jerry and I am pretty excited about joining up with the racing team. I just recently moved down here from NY to teach in PGC. I graduated this spring from SUNY Cortland where I ran cross track and the whole works. Being from NY i do not know many people in the area aside from a few buddies who go to school in DC so I shot Jake an email about a week ago about training since I knew he was down here running. How did I meet a certain Jake Klim you may ask? At the Cherry Blossom 10 miler last April Jake was kind enough to throw me a split from mile 2-3 on the course since I didn't tap the button on my watch. From there I remembered his name from results and his blog. So I put two and two together and since this sport of running is pretty important to me decided to get in contact to see if there were people in the area that were serious about running.

Today I met up with Jake and Karl at the line and did a few miles with them around the park. It will be some good fun running with everyone and I look forward to meeting everyone. Drop me an email if you'd like, if not that is fine I'm sure I'll get to see you all some time.


Jerry Greenlaw


KLIM said...


Jerry is training for ING RnR Philly (formally PDR)...and hoping to average 5:10s there.

Joe Wiggy said...

Awesome! I look forward to meeting you Jerry and getting some runs/workouts in. I am also doing PDR along with P Murph, Andy, and a few others. So it is nice to have another GRCer to represent in philly!

Jerry Greenlaw said...

Great stuff, I look forward to meeting everyone. I hopefully will be able to meet up this week for a run or so, if not during the week definitly the weekend. I relized my email wasnt on the lst post so it is..

P Murph said...

Welcome Jerry! You'll be running with two fellow Upstate-NYers at GRC: myself (Binghamton) and Patrick Hughes (Homer). Looking forward to meeting you.

~Patrick Murphy

Jerry Greenlaw said...

Pat Hughes! you must know my man Josh Henry from Homer. Quality kid. What time is everyone meeting this weekend?

P Murph said...

Yep, we both know and have raced with/against Josh.

Keep an eye on the blog Wednesday night/Thursday for details about the weekend. We'll probably all discuss weekend plans at the workout Wednesday night (6:30, Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS), which you should come to!

Patrick Hughes said...

Hey, Jerry! I didn't realize you were down here. Glad you joined up with GRC. See you out there soon.