Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rock Creek Park Sunday 8:00 AM

Hey, I am Paul Zwama, a friend of Dirk's. He gave me his account information so I could ask the GRC crew if anybody is down for a long run Sunday morning at RCP?
I plan on going 15 miles at any pace and some company would be nice!
I will be there regardless at 8 AM and hope to see all of you!
I have met some of you, but it would be great to meet all of Dirk's DC friends since I hear and read so much about a lot of you.
See you Sunday, 8 AM..


Ancient Chinese Secret said...

hello, i am frank and i never met you, i plan on run 13~14 miles sunday morning around 7:00 ~ 7:15 pace. i will you see at the Line.

thanks, yf

KLIM said...

Sounds good. If I am feeling okay after my Saturday run, I will join you at the Line at 8am.

I'm planning to head to GRC Saturday morning. I am going to try out my injury easy on the towpath, but could join the group for the first part of there run. Also, the GRC T-Shirts are in and I want to start handing those out to members of the team. Anyone else game?

Anonymous said...

To Jake,

Can I have one if possible...


KLIM said...


Andy will also be at The Line. He can't post from work but wants to do:

"8-9 miles at easier pace (7-8 minute pace?) and 4-5 miles after that at a 5:45-6:00 clip."

dirkdeheer said...

Sounds good! I will see you guys there.