Monday, August 30, 2010

Wednesday Workout

Looking at Wednesday's workout... I was planning on revisting the Brad Hudson Mile on/Mile off workout using half marathon goal pace. We did 6 miles of this workout 2 weeks ago. I was thinking of doing the same workout but possibly adding 2 more miles (1 more set). The workout is broken down as follows:

mile (45 seconds slower than goal half mar pace)
mile (10 seconds FASTER than goal half mar pace)
Repeat this 3-4 more times.

We did this on the CCT-gravel section between mile 1 and 2(i think).

Also, do you think this is an appropriate time to revisit this workout or complete this workout in general with 2 1/2 weeks until a big focus race?



Anonymous said...

Hey, I posted a thread on about training in DC. I am wokring at NIH and was told to leave a comment if interested. Just curious to hear what you guys are about. You can reach me by email at



Karl D. said...

Joe, I like this workout for Wednesday although I'm not completely familiar with it. Is it hard? If you are also racing this weekend, you might want to have a relaxed workout and then go all out for the race as a nice tune-up. After this weekend, it is time to cut-back a bit.

Looking forward to meeting you Ryan.

Anonymous said...

2009-10 Men's Track and Field Roster

Ryan Hanson

Events: Distance
Class: Senior
Hometown: Presto, Pa.
High School: Chartiers Valley

KLIM said...

FYI - I replied to Ryan and gave him the lowdown and suggested he come to B-CC on Weds since it is right up the road.

P Murph said...

Wiggy (and everyone),

After we talked on Saturday, I was thinking about the Wednesday workout relative to the weekend workout. I think we need to plan both the Wednesday workout and the weekend together.

For those that might not be counting the days to Chicago (40), this upcoming weekend is probably the last chance we have to run long and/or hard. One idea is do the 2-mile point-to-point repeats along the canal, or just run our longest run (20-24 miles?). From this weekend, we have one weekend "off," then Philly Half, then one last long run, and then it's time to taper.

Maybe to appease everyone we could do Wiggy's workout Wedneday and do our longest run of the training cycle this weekend. Wiggy can begin his Philly taper Wednesday and not run as long over the weekend, and the rest of us can get one last solid week of training in. With lows in the 60s and highs of "only" 80 this weekend, we should definitely take advantage of the weather. It'll be a tough week, but we have to put the work in to meet our goals.


P Murph said...

Also, I look forward to meeting you Ryan!

DM said...

I think Wiggy's workout for Wed is a good one. I would just say Wiggy that, at this point, you don't really need to do more. The same amount as last is probably fine. This is a down week for me, so I'm going medium long on Wednesday rather than hit the track. For the weekend, I was actually thinking the time was right for a return to Dueling Ferries.

KLIM said...

I agree with Dix re: Weds. I don't think you need to do MORE this week.

Charlie Ban said...

Ryan, instead of working for NIH, I think you could contribute more to the area by opening a second Gab 'n Eat.

KLIM said...

Is that a Pitt/PA joke?

Andy said...

This is my last workout week before Nations... next week is taper. I want to stick to the track and sharpen my 10k pace, even though Joe Wiggalo's workout sounds like more fun.

Charlie Ban said...

It is a joke in the context of a very narrow area of Pittsburgh.

I'm not sure if extending the workout by two miles will be so deleterious. Only one of the two miles will be terribly hard, and as long as the trail isn't crowded it won't be too hard to do it.

Joe Wiggy said...

I agree just keeping it to 6 miles (3 sets). See everybody tomorrow at BCC

P Murph said...

Are we going out after the workout?

KLIM said...

BREAKING NEWS: there is a shooting/hostage situation developing right now at Discovery Channel in Silver Spring. Apparently traffic is in gridlock in this area and it's expected to get worse as the day gets closer to rush hour. This might be clear by the time the workout comes around, but just an FYI if you are traveling in this direction.