Sunday, March 20, 2011


Mighty Gurmessa took down Mighty Bert and Phillippe Rolly, who was winning races in DC back when most of you were in 8th grade, still likes to run. Jean-Christophe Arcaz, has been running the same times for over ten years and was there. Neal, Jean-Christophe is 21 years older than you and 60 pounds heavier, so I am glad you beat him by 6 seconds. All of this at the Scope it Out race downtown this AM.

Gurmessa Megerssa 31 WASHINGTON DC 14:55 14:55 4:48
Bert Rodriguez 31 ARLINGTON VA 14:59 14:59 4:50 
Adam Condit 27 ASHBURN VA 15:08 15:08 4:53 
Philippe Rolly 38 MCLEAN VA 16:42 16:42 5:23 
Neal Hannan 29 WASHINGTON DC 17:09 17:08 
Jean-Christophe Arcaz 50 ROCKVILLE MD 17:14 
Jack Beecher 19 WASHINGTON DC 17:24 17:22 5:36 
Joseph Addison 23 WASHINGTON DC 17:26 17:24 5:36 
Robert Denmark 45 ARLINGTON VA 17:27 17:26 5:37 
Geoffrey Hackman 31 NEW YORK NY 17:53 17:51 5:45 
Matt Herzog 27 WASHINGTON DC 18:14 18:13 5:52


Neal said...

I have not been running (awaiting surgery on my right leg), but agreed to do this with some co-workers.

I was happy to take home the $75 though.

KLIM said...

I am pretty sure Neal is not in race shape. The last I heard he was dying...

Peter said...

Max, please share your finish times/places in races this weekend so we may publicly ridicule them on this forum as you are so fond of doing to others.

Joe Wiggy said...

I am tired of biting my tongue. I will say that I 100% agree with Peter that these jabs at others are getting ridiculous. I am sure you are saying these things out of pure "fun" but they are taken as put downs, let alone they are on public forum. On top of that, why say these negatives to those who are speedy billboards for the company that employs you, in an unstable economic society. It is just plain foolish and unprofessional if you ask me...

MAX said...

OH MY...And the offence is? Entertainment provides some humor and such. I am not sure why anyone would take any of this as a negative......I would never imagine that running times alone feed the ego or foster a greater sense of the broader self. Life and people are complicated as so, running, like any sport, is just a small piece of the picture.

Running needs a Charles Barkley. Maybe that will me?

Taking life seriously is one thing but taking one's self too seriously becomes less appealing as one moves along in the aging process.

My opinion only

Why don't you guys start a race to raise money for Japan or, create a running club for American youth in an effort to curb obesity? Now that would be newsworthy

Charlie Ban said...

Charles Barkley, and anyone worth hearing, has some expertise and insight to back up what they say. Lose some hair and gain some weight and you'll still be a long way from resembling Barkley, let alone in thought and credibility.
Hell, I'd listen to Ed O'Neill's commentary on running and selling shoes before yours, by virtue of his roles as Al Bundy and Bill Dellinger.

Joe said it spot on, start supporting the guys who are advertising for your employer every weekend in one way or
another. It isn't a matter of anyone taking himself too seriously, it's the respect we have for each other that gives us a reason to get miffed when you take swipes at someone.

"Mighty Bert" expresses more regard and exhibits more respect for his opponents than you do for the people with whom you're associated.

You might find some new adjectives here, by the way, you've worn "mighty" out using it twice in one sentence:

Neal clearly doesn't need his times to feed his ego, the fact that he ran that race under his own name is proof. He flew down to Charlotte on his own dime to cheer the guys on at club nationals when he couldn't run himself, he's an asset to this team. Your derisive commentary is a detriment.

And a youth running club? Jerry Greenlaw's SENDING that over in Prince George's County. Get that man his shoes.

Joe Wiggy said...

Where is the "Like" button???

KLIM said...

Max - we all "get" you're trying to be funny...but you're not. These post ALWAYS invoke sometime of negative response from the team, so please refrain from making them. I implore you. We're in this to support one another as teammates on the race course, not to cast cheap shots from behind a computer keyboard...despite your comments being masked later as "run love".

I suggest you get back out there and run again. You are getting far too envious working amongst runners, seeing great success before your eyes and not being able to run yourself. Join the party. Get on the train. Run with us again. I GUARANTEE you your sentiment will change.

The team has never been as good as it is right now. Tomorrow the team will be even better.

Anonymous said...

An open letter to Max Lockwood:


Your latest posting has caused a strong backlash from readers of this blog. During past incidents, you have claimed that your offensive postings were "all in good fun," hoping the racing team would forget about it. You lack a sense of self awareness so here is an account of how the rest of the world sees you.

You are overwhelmingly negative You take pleasure in the failure and struggles of others. You lack compassion and interpersonal skills.

Here is a simple request:

Never post on the racing team blog again. You are universally disliked by all members. Some loathe you, others simply find you distasteful. Not one member counts you as a friend. You do not race for the team, nor are you a supporter or a coach. If you need to promote the Georgetown Running Company store, use the official website. If you feel the need to express yourself, create a free blog of your own. We've had enough of you.

Anonymous said...

Hey reading this is becoming like reading a Let's Run discussion!

If you want to ban Max then make this a members only site with a log-in.

"And your gravity fails and negativity don't pull you through"

Max does not play nice...but he does play!

And his idea for you guys sponsoring something other than yourselves sounds very socially rewarding!

Anonymous said...

Laugh my you-know-what off!!! no wonder PR team and Pacer's team are doing somewhat better than you-know-who...