Thursday, March 17, 2011

Weekend Runs

There are several options for runs this Saturday. Please post a comment if you plan to join for any of them:

- watch guys run Van Metre
- 9am run at the Georgetown store
-10:30am tempo workout at BCCHS
-1 pm speed workout with Chuck (see below, contact him if interested)

From Chuck:

I need to make up for missing a ton of mileage and some lack luster winter workouts so I will be on the track saturday afternoon at 1300 hours for the warm-up. I'd like to meet at AU or Georgetown prep (they have hurdles for drills) if anyone is interested in meeting up to do their workout at the same time.


KLIM said...

There is a group of GRCers meeting at BCC at 10:30am on Saturday for a workout too.

Big City said...

10:30 is too early for me to do speed work otherwise I would join you guys

KLIM said...

Will anyone be at the Store run? I am weighing whether to go to this or to watch/run at Van Metre.

Jordan said...

I'll be at the shop. Who else?

Matias said...

Sorry for posting on Saturday thread - I'm running w/ my buddy on Sunday gearing him up for Boston. Edwards Ferry to Great Falls. Just over 18 miles

If anybody wants a ride from Great Falls up to Edward's Ferry let me know

KLIM said...

I might entertain a run starting from Riley's Lock and ending at Great Falls/Old Anglers if I can snake a ride back with you? This is only about 11 miles, so I suspect others might be running more.

How fast/hard are you running?

KLIM said...

Wiggles and I will also be at the Store (aka "shop") at 9am

KLIM said...

Matias - I think a bunch of people are going to jump on this plan. The trip from Old Angler's Inn to Edward's Ferry is more like 45 mins though. Should those looking to run meet at Old Angler's meet at 8? So you're all running by 9am south from EF?

Alternatively, Wiggy, Jordan and I will meet at Riley's Lock at 9:45ish and be ready to roll in with the group when they hit us 8 miles in. We were looking to go less than 18, but maybe more than 10.

Eds ferry - 30.8 mile marker
Riley's Lock - 22.8
Old Anglers - 12.6

What say you Matias?

Matias said...


Thanks for putting together. CBan - will pick you up at 7:40

Karl D. said...

Can you guys please start a post about tomorrow's point-to-point long run? It might help to clear up any confusion.