Thursday, March 24, 2011

Welcome to!

This has been an exciting "offseason" for the team including some great individual performances and team records, incredible turnouts at our Wednesday night workouts, and behind the scenes preparations for a HUGE 2011!  Stay tuned to the blog in the coming weeks for more developments in our new Summer Training Program for promising HS runners, our team's Father's Day 8K fundraiser, and more.   But today we're excited to "officially" launch!  Over the past few months, several of us have been working on enhancing the GRC Race Team's online presence to better communicate to the team, prospective team members, our followers, and our competition. 

This website is our team's permanent presence on the web and your go-to location for archived results, news, photos, videos and more.  It will also be your go-to site for supplemental information about the team including maps to running locations, team member profiles, and useful links.  Many of you have already visited the site, and "liked" it on facebook.  We encourage you to regularly check back to the site for updates, provide feedback to Jimmy, and tell your friends and family about it.  The next time you meet someone interested in our team, just tell them to visit or email

At the same time, we're making some small changes to the blog.  We're moving much of the permanent information off of the blog sidebar and onto the website.  We're also rearranging the most popular sidebar tools to more prominent locations.  Now it will be easier to see the weekly calendar of team events, and the latest posts, comments, and personal blog posts.

We're also ending the ability to comment anonymously on the blog.  The original intent of anonymous commenting was to allow new team members to communicate with the team.  However, this change is being made for a few reasons: the new website has information for prospective members on how to join and contact us; anonymous commenting does not enhance discussions on the blog; commenting anonymously is not significantly more convenient than posting under one's username; and anonymous commenting has been abused many times over the past year.  We hope and encourage you all to use the blog as a positive forum to coordinate runs and workouts, celebrate race results, and communicate with the entire team.  Remember, many people outside our team see the blog and it's important to remember that every post and comment is a reflection on our team.

Finally, let's all take the time to thank Jimmy Daly for all of his hard work to create this new website.  He started months ago by updating over 30 individual profiles, and followed up by putting in countless hours creating in his free time.  Even vertigo couldn't keep him down!  So, when Jimmy is back on his feet and running with us again, please be sure to thank him in person.  He'll continue to improve and update the website, and is open to your suggestions.


KLIM said...

Jimmy - here is to you (raising a pint glass)!

DM said...

Indeed. Thanks so much for putting all the work into this.

Ancient Chinese Secret said...

It is very nice site and thanks for everything!