Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday Track Workout at AU, MEET AT 6PM!

This is a reminder that the Wednesday night track workouts will take place at American University this week and next week due to conflicts at BCC. Please plan to arrive at the track at 6:00 so we can get started a little early since there are no lights on the track.

Arriving by Metro: If you plan to take the metro to practice, get off at the Tenleytown-AU stop on the Red Line. Post in the comments if you need someone to pick you up from there. The campus is about a mile down Nebraska Ave from there.

Arriving by Car: There is some parking on campus, but give yourself time to find a spot on the street if you need to. You can drive onto campus via the entrance on Massachusetts Ave across from the Katzen Center. From there, drive under the student union and find parking in one of the dark blue parking lots on this map. There is also usually parking off campus along Newark Street at New Mexico Ave. Do NOT park in student-only parking or you'll get towed.

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And finally, the workout from Coach Jerry: Finally, the workout this week (and next) will be at American University. There are no lights on the track at AU and they close the track when it gets dark, meaning that the campus police actually come out there and throw runners off (as Ryan can attest first hand), so that means we need to be rolling right at 7:00. To make sure there are no delays, please be at the track at 6:15 for the warmup.

As for the workout itself, I want to get in some volume this week, since we will back off next week to have everyone rested for Cherry Blossom. We will do 6 x mile with a 400 recovery. The A group will go 2 @ 5:00, 2 @ 4:55, 2 @ 4:50. The B group will go 2 @ 5:15, 2 @ 5:10, 2 @ 5:05.


Big City said...

I'll be there, I'm feeling the best I have in months! I can second that, warm up needs to start on time so we get done before dark.

DM said...

If someone could pick me up at the metro, that would be great.

Karl D. said...

Guys, please try to be there at 6 now if you can. Coach Jerry wants us to be working out by 6:46.

Ruthie Morgan said...

I will need a ride from the metro....planning to be at Tenleytown at just before 6.