Thursday, March 10, 2011


Most of you will not listen so this is a bit of words to the wind. I will say however, that I have seen PTs, CHIROS, stretch and massage gurus and more. All in an effort to fix what should never have been broken to begin with.

What has proven to be the saving grace is the simplest and easiest remedy of them all; Focusing on running form and simple running shoes with no HEEL. Get off the big Heels as this creates poor joint and muscle stability and issues down the road.

Keep the legs and core tight. Watch Geb's Form. Perfect mechanics

Go to this site and do some reading.


Anonymous said...

congratulations on your new job at two river treads, max

MAX said...

who the F is Anonymous. this is really annoying

Peter said...

This is one of the few occasions I agree with Max. I've had my hamstring issues all but disappear after switching to running in low heeled shoes. Yes, the vibrams were a step too far for me ( 2 stress fractures in 5 months) but I've had a good time running in the Zoom Victory XC for the last 3 months.

MAX said...

towpath, i spoke to your old running coach and he told me that when you were like 12, you were analyzing foot mechanics, diet and the merits of chi running.

No wonder