Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sunday Run

If you plan to run the Sunday Long Run below are the details:

The run is a point to point from Edward's Ferry to Old Angler's Inn - the distance of which is 18 miles. The plan is to meet at Old Angler's Inn at 8am then commute together in one car (in the clothes you plan to run in) up to Edward's Ferry in one (or 2) car(s). From there you'll run 18 miles straight back to Old Angler's Inn. Once finished, someone will drive the original car back to their car at Edward's Ferry.

A second group will meet at Riley's Lock at 9:45am to run the last 10 miles with the group.

Here, again, are the start times:
8:00am - Old Angler's Inn
9:00am - Edward's Ferry
9:45am - Riley's Lock (group running 10-12)


Matias said...

Here is the route

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks "Karl" for the detailed information...

- Klim

P Murph said...

I would like to run somewhere between 10 and 18 miles. Does anyone else want to meet early at Riley's to add a few miles beforehand? Maybe we can coordinate meeting at OAI and take a single car to Riley's.

KLIM said...

All Who Ran Earlier -

This site is worth bookmarking. It's the "real" distances between mile markers and various landmarks on the Towpath. You can find out splits from your run today by gleaning this site: