Thursday, May 31, 2007


We are still on for the Sat run. Ben Cooke will open the store early for folks to lounge in and meet at. We provide a 5 -10 minute grace period and then we are off.

Melissa, I noticed you got lots of hits on your post. You are a serious runner and are very good so on a serious level, I recommend you take this question of yours to a professional running coach or store that fits a lot of serious runners and has them to a gate analysis and provides top notch advice on types of shoes for distances based on foot type. If you come to the run on Sat, Ben can help you out.

Since you told me you do the eliptical trainer next to one of the greatest american track runners in USA history and current AU track coach, Adam Centrowitz, I suggest you nudge up to him and ask him his thoughts. Susanna K, from our group gets coached by him and has only good things to say.

BTW---this does in no means take away from the comments you received as I am merley adding additional thought.



KLIM said...

See you tomorrow at 9am...

Melissa said...

i'll be there as well.