Monday, October 8, 2007


I suppose nobody ever said Running was supposed to be fun or easy. Just make reference to Wilson's overly stated comments about "RUNNING NOT BEING A JOKE AND THAT IT IS VERY SERIOUS BUSINESS" I know we all used to make fun of this but it is clear there is merit in it.

Jake and Dave, your assignment is to take Laura and Melissa on much deserved vacations somewhere where running is not allowed. Massages, Scuba diving and good tropical drinks, only:(

Also, did anyone notice that super marathoner Dane ran Steamtown in 2:58! thats great---Good job Dane.

As for the Chicago Women's finish, why didn't anyone tell the leader to huff it with a 1/4 mile to go? Thats totally bizarre______M


KLIM said...

Yes, I neglected to mention Dane. He ran a PR after apparently running in the wrong direction for a minute.

There is a picture of him here (under photos/slide show)

Dane said...

Thanks, Max.

Klim is correct. Sh*t happens.

Sorry Melissa had such a tough day. :(

Melissa said...

Great job, Dane. Smart race! Thanks for the encouragement out there (Matias, too)- would've liked to have gone with you but the quads were done. Another marathon, another lesson. Next time I'll know that pacing is about more than the effort.

Dane said...


I thought you were going for the World Record!

Sorry I couldn't shoot you a little juice of energy when I saw you.