Wednesday, October 3, 2007

workout recap:

Ben, for the "little shape" that he's in, crushed it today:

mile: 5:10 (2:56 recovery)
400: 69 (1:33 rec.)
400: 69 (1:52 rec.)
Mile: 5:00 (3:05 rec)
400: 69 (1:32 rec.)
400: 70 (2:06 rec)
mile: 4:46 for Ben. I pulled up with a stomach glitch- ran @1200 at 5:00 pace. (rec-2:58)
400: 68 (1:48 rec)
400: 61 for Ben, 66 for me.

Not the best workout for me, but not too disappointed. Was up late studying for a test and had some stomach issues.


Matias said...

Whoa, those are some impressive times. Not much rest between intervals, looks like a sign of good things to come. Nice work

MAX said...

those are great times. Keep it up. Ben, be consistant with your training and do not get injured! Havegoats(where did you come up with that name)? also, staying up late reading greek philosophy or whatever, is not an excuse. M

christiam said...

Great job guys!
Jake and I ran in the hills of Cabin John this afternoon, it has ideal terrain for this type of workout: about 800m of hill (flat at first, it gets steeper as you go up) and then about 500m of downhill (for recoveries), all on soft terrain.
You should check it out when you can.

MAX said...

I wish i could meet you all but its too far for me. maybe a weekend run