Sunday, October 7, 2007

workout on wed morning, if any are interested meet 7:30 at the store.

I plan on racing somewhere this weekend, but would like to try something like:

mile: 5:00
mile 4:45
8 x 400 @ 66-68.


Scott said...

See you then

Anonymous said...

Chris and I will be there

Havegoats said...

workout results. (my watch was screwy, so I don't have the rests)

mile: 5:00.
recovery- 320 meters
mile 4:43, scott 5:05
recovery 650 meters (changed shoes)
4x400: 70, 67, 67, 66
250 recovery between each, and then 400 recovery after the 4th
4x400: 66, 66, 66, 65 (Ben was 65 for the last three)
250 recovery between each.

Scott ran a freaking awesome first workout and held 70-72.

Felt a lot nicer out there- cooler temps and this was an easier workout. looking to race well this weekend.

christiam said...

Nice work guys.
Any chance you can do this type of workout in the afternoon, or perhaps on a saturday morning (not this saturday though)?