Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Roundup

How did your races go?

My report is below in comments...

Who is that guy in the middle?


KLIM said...

United Way conjunction with the Baltimore Marathon - 10/13

First race back from my time-off/injury...not terrible, but also not very good. Goal was to run competitive and secure a top 5 finish in order to maybe make a Benjamin or two. 15:30s would have been a good time.

Start was good and I quickly ducked behind the trail pack. There were two Kenyans up front followed by a young Ezkyas Susay, Michael Pfarr and Orinthal Striggles.

Striggles and I battled the hill and did a lot of unnecessary back-and-forthing. When I'd pass him, he'd pass me back, but when I ducked behind our pace slowed. The first mile, at the top of the hill, was a paltry 5:10. I was dumbfounded. I new it would be slow...but this slow? The leaders hit the mile in 5 flat...or just a hair under. I guess the hill was bigger/tougher than I thought. I was still in 5/6th but Striggles soon pulled away from me by mile 2 (10:19 - still slow). Pfarr looked like he might fade and I was gunning after him. The last mile slopes downhill and it must have been my fastest...though I didn't catch anyone. Both guys ahead of me and I ended up making a couple of wide/wrong turns which cost us all a little bit of time. I really hammered the downhill...but didn't get anywhere. Ended up in 6th with a 15:51 (5:04 pace). Not a great time nor effort, but some of the guys ahead of me had run a lot faster in recent weeks and they too were off their usual times. The hill was likely a factor too. Still I wish I had been a bit more competitive and stayed with Striggles...he ended up in 4th. Time to get tougher.

Next Race - Veteran's Day 10K (if not something sooner).

10889 Stephen Koech 30 M 00:14:47 00:14:47 1 1 1 87.4% 4:44.2
10296 David Cheromei 28 M 00:14:54 00:14:54 2 2 1 86.6% 4:46.5
12218 Ezkyas Susay Washington DC 18 M 00:15:24 00:15:24 3 3 1 86.6% 4:56.1
11657 Orinthal Striggles Elgin SC 31 M 00:15:31 00:15:31 4 4 2 83.5% 4:58.3
11298 Michael Pfarr Jarrettsville MD 21 M 00:15:33 00:15:33 5 5 1 83.3% 4:59.0
12026 Jake Klim Rockville MD 27 M 00:15:51 00:15:52 6 6 2 81.4% 5:04.8
10919 Ronald Kurui Augusta GA 99 M 00:16:23 00:16:23 7 7 1 5:15.0
11163 Stephen Moxey columbia MD 29 M 00:16:26 00:16:26 8 8 3 78.5% 5:16.0
12231 Mike Fleg Clarksville MD 23 M 00:16:28 00:16:29 9 9 2 78.3% 5:16.6
12254 Abrma Asefa Washington DC 24 M 00:16:52 00:16:52 10 10 3 76.5% 5:24.3
12387 Zereu Kelle Baltimore MD 26 M 00:16:55 00:16:55 11 11 4 76.3% 5:25.3
10387 Julie Culley Arlington VA 26 F 00:16:59 00:16:59 12 1 1 87.1% 5:26.6
11324 Nick Poremski Baltimore MD 17 M 00:17:15 00:17:16 13 12 2 78.3% 5:31.7
11092 Terry McLaughlin Spotsylvania VA 47 M 00:17:20 00:17:21 14 13 1 83.1%

Havegoats said...

Page's 5k- head up my rear end. went through the mile in what I thought was 4:45, turns out the race clock was wrong at the mile, and only later did I see my watch split- which was 4:55. So I thought I was going out way too fast. Wardian was leading with another guy, and I was two seconds off. I was feeling confident in thinking I could keep contact and have them pull me along to a nice time. So in my mind I was already comfortable in letting them pull away from me. At the two mile mark, we were all thrown for a loop (I spoke to Wardian and the chad after the race) They went through in over 10 minutes, and I went through at 10:20... granted the second mile had some tough hills which I was not expecting b/c the course description said hills were only at the one mile mark. anyways, I felt really good, but felt powerless in already having let the race slip away along with a fast time. I ran the last mile in 5:11 and the last 200 in 29- way too much left. I guess it is good to know 16:03 fells real easy. Just gotta not make rookie mistakes, I'm too old for this... but I guess not sharp this season yet. Need many more races

MAX said...

one of you young guys needs to beat Iron Mike.....Also, I noticed Allan won some race, albiet against a bunch of teenagers. go to the same race and help each other out__________LATER M

Melissa said...

No race results to report, just training. I am no longer feeling sore from last weekend but still fatigued. Was only able to do a few easy miles last week. Hopefully I'll be able to gradually build back up this week and next. At that point I'll reassess the racing plan.

I watched the Baltimore 5k and Marathon on Saturday. Jake had a strong finish and Julie Culley demolished the competition by over a minute. It was great to see her up there with the guys. I'm not sure what happened to Tebya Naser and Alemgena Desta. They've both run sub 17 5ks this fall but ended up running 18:26 and 19:22, respectively. Maybe another case of pacing issues? My dad somehow managed to PR even though he only runs twice a week (he does the elliptical the other days). I told him not to complain about his times until he runs at least 4 times a week.

Havegoats said...

Jake beat Wardian in April. And he is an olympic qualifier... so it isn't like were losing to some couch potato.

christiam said...

I too raced this weekend, and I ran a very slow time for 5k, but I got the impression that the course was long (so did other runners who finished ahead of me)... so much for a test of fitness. I rebounded of this by hitting the track this morning for 3-4x1200 @ 5:20 pace and felt good until the last one, when the wheels started to come off. I definitely need to work on speed for the next few weeks.

Havegoats said...

Luke raced pretty well- I saw the 10k results down on the tidal basin. Good to see his name back!

DaveO said...

Man Jake I hope when I make my comeback race debut I run in the 15's. That's just sick, way to go. Things are going better for me these days and I should be able to hop into a turkey trot somewhere. Keep training boyz I'm a come'n like a freight train!
Dave O