Sunday, October 28, 2007

Max - 2:44

Early MRM results

Can't get more even than that - 1:22/1:22

5M - 00:32:19
10M - 01:03:15
Half - 01:22:10
15M - 01:33:55
18M - 01:52:16
22M - 02:17:14

FINISH - 02:44:17


Scott said...

Actually Jake, he ran the first half in 1:22:10 and the second half in 1:22:07 so he did negative split. Anyways, great job Max. Go do some bikram yoga and get a starbucks latte and use that belt thing that shakes out your legs and take an ice bath and email Michael Wardian and tell him how he should only focus on the trials and do all the other stuff you love to do.

Matias said...

Good work Max, even race.

Scott should start writing magazines (the LT=LT write up was hilarious... Max write up is a close second).

I'm taking a bus from Chinatown at 1 pm for NYC this Friday. Staying with high school friend Aileen in Hoboken... who's sister Emily Conlon is engaged to Carl Dusen who is running this Saturday who Klim, Christiam and I ran with, who is good friends with Wiggy. Small world, running brings good people together.

Melissa said...

Great race, Max! In homage to your performance I am working on my Max Lockwood Superhero Halloween costume. I have the red basketball shorts all ready to go.

Jake, Jason, Scott, and Megan all ran well at the Goblin Gallop this morning. Jake is racing himself into shape, cutting 10+ seconds off his time at the Baltimore Marathon 5k a few weeks ago. I'm sure the race report is soon to follow (he is napping right now).

Melissa said...

Scratch that. I am now dressing up as the infamous Dane Rauschenberg, who just ran his second marathon PR this month (2:55:31)!!! Way to go!

MAX said...

thanks everyone. this was the smartest race I have run in some time. Not knowing if my leg/hamstring would hold up(i even bought some strap to hold it in place), for the first time in my life, i was a little scared of running this thing. Anyway, I went out very cautious and sort of just ran an easy run. I never pushed it or lost my cool. My hamstring was tight for about half of it and then I actually did something I have never done, which is take a GU. It gave me some solid energy. Enough to run very easily with no fatigue. I highly recommend these things(even though I think they are sort of like cheating). I told Michael Wardian that if I saw him at the starting line, i would be very mad. I did see Dane taking a leak on the side of road, though! must have helped as he ran a great race. Dane, I now order you to take it easy for 6 weeks so you can run even better! After the raceI got free pumpkin mocha lattes from starbucks and sang battle hymns with the marines. Life is good______M

Matt Ernst said...

Max, Very nice run..very consistent. And Dane.....A PR with a pee stop...way to go!

Matt Ernst said... running New York next weekend for a new PR?

havegoats said...

nice work max! I wish you a speedy recovery.

christiam said...

Great job, Max!!!

Joe Wiggy said...

Nice job Max!

Dane said...

Thanks Melissa!

Matt, how did you know about that?

Max, awesome work buddy!