Friday, October 12, 2007


I think Klim is going up Baltimore way. Carr, Dwyer, Melissa? You all are sort of like Knights of the Roundtable out for Holy Grail. Good luck!

BTW____Allan, unlike Mighty Munro, who is too lazy to meet his potential, you look like you are rounding into form. Go for it! Sorry Scott, you get a blast for going through the motions with the weekly massages and such but not putting the throttle into full gear. I know, fighting words but it makes life interesting.




Havegoats said...

I'm at a 5k at Winston Churchill HS on sunday called Page's run.

And I was certainly impressed by Scott's workout on wed. for details of it, read last week's post.

Allen Carr said...

5k in Stone Ridge VA...won last year by Gurmessa

MAX said...

Jason, you are right. that was an impressive workout. good job scott. that takes discipline.