Monday, October 22, 2007


ALLEN, Great race yesterday. 24:45 would have gotten you the win any other day. Can't believe Gurmessa and his boys came all the way from NYC or wherever. Good competition brings out your best, though. Good job! ___________M


KLIM said...

Solid time Allen.

Allen Carr said...

Thanks Max. The guy who finished third was a new Pacers guy...they are finally reaching out.

MAX said...

WOW, Pacers is recruiting international runners. Maybe we can get Gurmessa to move back and run with us:( Yesterday I was running with a guy who works at Metro and he said that Jared Nyomboki a kenyan, (not sure if this the correct spelling kenyan) works there. Apparently, he is married to someone who works for Foot Solutions. Anyway, things are amiss. When is Wilson coming back to win some races? Later, M