Saturday, April 5, 2008

Another Injury

Spent this past week in Las Vegas at a trade show and flew this morning to Denver Colorado. Ever since meeting the group last Sunday at the line my right knee has been abysmal. It started the week before, got better and now is ruined. It's the top part of the knee cap (medial side), where the cap (patella) ends and tendons and ligaments presumably attach everything to your quad. Excruciating and constant pain. While sitting, while walking and pretty much anytime I bend my knee. Feels like someone is sticking a hot searing poker through that tender area and then under the cap. I had planned to run through the Red Rock valley while in Vegas, go skiing today in Vale and then run 12 miles in Boulder (inset picture) before coming home tomorrow. None of it happened because in addition to my lame knee, I've had some kind of abominable flu producing a high-grade fever for the last three days with body aches like someone is continually beating me with a rubber hose. I pretty much feel like MAX.


Peter said...

That sucks. Get in touch with a good sports medicine doctor as soon as possible. The Georgetown U doctor F. Clarke Holmes, who has been giving the injury lectures would be a person to consider.

MAX said...

I ran three times this week with quads that felt like they were iron rods. The life of a runner is like that of a noble warrior seeking out glory. Glory is only achieved by those willing to confront pain and misery head on. Its like love. Love will make you and break you.