Saturday, April 5, 2008

Cherry Blossom warm up

I'll be warming up for 20 mins...starting at 7am from the starting area. I understand the logistics are ridiculous for this race, so if we see you there great, if not, we'll touch base post-race. Warm-up will commence at 7:05am...try and get there circa 7am.

7:05am - warm up
7:25am - warm up ends
7:25am - bathroom/stretch
7:40am - head to line
7:50am = race start time

Let me know if we should look out for you...


Peter said...

Where are people meeting post-race? I'd like to tape some interviews for the video.

havegoats said...

I'll be there to cheer on. If you're looking for a spot afterwards, I can suggest a pretty kick ass spot for coffee (they win national esppresso drinks brewing competitions

murky coffee in Clarendon VA, 1 block from the metro (orange line)

Billy said...

I'll try and find y'all around there for the warm-up.

P Murph said...

Ditto - hope to see you all before the race.