Monday, April 21, 2008

Runners' High

Some of the GRC team after the race. In this pic none of us truly realizes how much pain we are in. Congrats to all.


JARRIN said...

You guys really kicked ass today!

KLIM said...

Thanks for all the blog chatter.

My report will follow but in short, GRC ran VERY well today. The top 5 all ran PRs with Reaves making a run for it and negative splitting a 2:31...Bain followed and in the process beat PACERS Rob Wade.

Murphy and I ran practically the entire race together with Jason coming on strong in the latter half of the race. I would have paid someone to kill me at mile 23...I felt just awful.

JARRIN ran very well (PR???) considering his injured knee was twice the size of his uninjured knee. He hit 3:05 and was shooting for 3:30.

ERNST Pr'd on the Boston course too I believe.

More on all this later...I'm too beat up to think.

havegoats said...

was pleased with the day. PRs don't come too often for me anymore. Also pleased with the way I ran. after 4 miles I realized I was not going to be able to roll with the front pack- so pulled off at 4 miles and ran solo. after those fast 3 miles (6:05, 5:43, 5:49) I settled in at 5:54, and hit this +/- 5 seconds until mile 20 which was 6:16. I was very optimistic to close hard and figured I could break 2:35 on the downhill, but the first downhill was only 5:56- so I knew I was looking at 2:36-2:40 range. was able to maintain mid to low 5"50s and was thrilled to finish side by side with a teammmate! great fun and bonding experience.

JARRIN said...

I went out hoping to make Boston a long training run and save myself for Traverse City, MI next month. I was shooting for 3:29:59. When I started out I was trying to hold a steady heart rate at 165 (29 beats slower than my max). Somehow that HR translated to 6:50-7:00 minute miles which felt great. But by mile 7 the right knee felt pretty blown and then it went numb over the next few miles which actually made things feel even better. When I reached the hills I relaxed and held back to save myself for Traverse. I think one of those miles soared to the upper 8:30's and I continued to take it easy for 1/3 of a mile after the descent of Heartbreak. Sometime thereafter I started to crank, reigning in hundred's of runners. I'm really surprised to have run a 3:04 while saving a little for Traverse. Don't get me wrong, this marathon was not easy. But compared to two years ago when I ran Boston at a 3:17, tonight I don't feel absolutely miserable. My marathon PR is not much faster than today (2:58 Chicago 2005). So I'm hoping to better that in a month and hopefully I saved enough gas for Traverse. As for the rest of you guys, your performance today was absolutely inspiring...seriously.

PR said...

If this photo had a title, it would be "grin and bear it."

I'm still processing what happened yesterday. At some point during Heartbreak Hill, I hit the wall, and for the first time ever in a marathon, I punched right through it. Despite that, the following miles are a total haze to me right now. I made sure that I wasn't going to the well until 21, and after I just tried to hang on and pick people off. I don't remember passing Wade, etc.

Despite getting a massage, taking an ice bath, and passing out at 10:00, my legs are total Jell-O this morning. I nearly fell on my face getting out of bed.

Great race all around yesterday. To see so many PRs all around means we're doing something right. I'm going to be honest--the first 14 miles of the race yesterday were a lot of fun. It felt like being on a training run with an entire crowd along the way. Boston totally exceeded my expectations--the people, Wellesley, running past the Citgo sign to finish--it was all amazing.

I'll put a write-up on the training blog this evening when I get settled into Chicago.

DaveO said...

Wow, congratulations to all of you even those that felt like dump still managed PR’s, not bad on one of the most difficult courses around. After being injured for a I year after my last marathon I keep telling myself I’m not going to do another, then you guys put on an inspirational performance like and it at least make me think about it.

MAX said...

I actually feel fine today. For some reason, epsom salt and organic potion by mom cured all ills. I might even run the frederick marathon. New goal is to run 25 marathons at 2:45ish pace for the next 8 months. Always room in life to try something new. Key is to find time and travel money to get to all of these places. ideas?