Monday, April 28, 2008

Bogotá, Colombia

On business here through Wednesday. Bogotá is not really conducive for city running because it's congested and there's always the fear that you'll stick out like a sore thumb and get kidnapped. Although safer than a few decades ago, you should still be cautious. However, nestled inside the city is a beautiful little park called "Parque Simon Bolivar" which is a little green gem. It boasts a myriad of paved, unpaved and clay trails and although only 2.5 miles in circumference, the trails make it seem a lot longer. The city is 8,661 feet above sea level (third highest city after La Paz, Bolivia and Quito, Ecuador) so I could definitely feel it on today's 7 mile run. If you're ever visiting Bogotá, try Parque Simon Bolivar for a safe and serene run.



MAX said...

Jarrin, if you get kidnapped we can use this as an opportunity to channel our phenominal fitness and transition into running/fighting machines and come and rescue you.

I was just running on a treadmill at a gym where I was watching some Steven Segal movie. Basically, he goes to some country and rescues people thugs who are part of a drug cartel.

Peter said...

Those trails look incredible. I went running at 8,000 feet in Colorado a few years ago and was winded after 20 min so my hat is off to you for going 7 miles.

If you do get kidnapped, I'll give my brother a call. He's an Air Force Special Operations Pararescue jumper. His team will get you out.