Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weekend Runs

I'm starting back up today...slow & easy.

I was thinking of running from "The Line" on Saturday...around 10am.
Any interest?


PR said...

I am a maybe. I ran this morning, but I am still sort of tight.

We are also getting a dog on Saturday, so I will have to see what time we are going to pick it up.

JARRIN said...

I'm in for Saturday and starting up again tonight.

KLIM said...

PR - just bring snoopy to run the run. S/he will have lots of fun!

Peter said...

I am going to have to get my run in earlier than that on Saturday. Anyone interested in C&O canal on Sunday morning?

MAX said...

i need to get a run in early(830am)

as the summer approaches and it gets warmer, it might make more sense to run ealrier.

from a functional standpoint, i would like to be done with the run and showered up before 1030. The older i get the more i want to get done with my time.

love max:)

Peter said...

Matt Herzog told me he is going to run with Wilson from the Gtown store at 8:30am so it looks like we can have a 2nd, earlier Saturday morning group. I personally would prefer running on some softer terrain such as the towpath or Glover archibald if that works with other people.

bain said...

I am in for the line on Saturday. I ran last night (Wed) for the first time and felt 100% better today. Going for a run now this fine evening.

Melissa said...

I'll be at the line. I'm looking forward to being able to keep up, given your delicate conditions.

KLIM said...

Peter - I can join you. WHere/when on Sunday?

Peter said...

For Sunday, I would suggest no later than 9:30am due to the increasingly warm temps. Here is a good place to start on the towpath.,-77.121025&spn=0.00151,0.002089&t=h&z=19

Anonymous said...

Peter - I will be there.

- jake

Peter said...

Here's what the weekend plan looks like. If one of the blog admins wants to update the "Weekly Workouts" section, that would be great.

Option A: "The Line" @ 10am
Option B: GRC Gtown store @8:30am

Towpath, Mile Marker 5 (aka Brookmont Lock, Lock 5) @ 9:30am

I am planning to go 9-10 miles on Sunday.

christiam said...

Your link with directions doesn't work for me, could you please provide directions to this?

Is anyone up for running 15 or so? Given the temps, I wouldn't mind starting earlier tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I can't start earlier than 9:30 per Pikes Peek. But maybe you can start earlier and join us for 9-10.