Monday, April 7, 2008


For those running the Boston Marathon, I would like to organize a post race event of some kind. I am not sure the venue as of yet. Maybe downtown, maybe at my house in Cambridge, etc. This would be open to all people including other DC area runners doing the marathon. There are so many from the area running the marathon, I think it would be a good gesture on our part to at least lead the effort and see how it materializes.

Jake indicated he is going to go to his parents house on the Cape and die after the marathon. Others, I assume, have other plans. Who else might be interested?




KLIM said...

I am actually headed to my sister's (also racing) pad in Boston with my parents...if anyone is interested in drinking a brew/grabbing pizza there, pls let me know.

MAX said...

Jake, I thought you said you were taking a bus to the cape.

KLIM said...

I thought I was, but I figured I'd simply drive back with my parents instead. They will be up cheering and plan to meet me at the finish line. Before going home, they're heading to my sister's pad at approx 1:30-2pm. I throw out the invite to other GRCers...maybe to shower, eat something, drink something etc before "painting the town red" or heading back to your respective hotels. It's a lame alternative to heading to a disco or whatever Max wants to do.

As I mentioned, I'll likely be in a comatose state; sucking my thumb, weeping and cursing at imaginary goblins, so I'll head back to the Cape with my parents after this (circa 4pm) instead of going out.

havegoats said...

I get too much of a headache thinking about post race and will probably be flexible and go with the flow. I usually grab a massage and then head to Thannueal Hall (no idea how it is spelled...) with Chrissie and her uncle for some food. It is like an eastern market, only much more seating and food options-a pretty cool place.

If I feel bad, or ran a shitty race- I will just go back to brockton. If I feel decent, I will probably look for a place to shower and rest/nap, and then go out, if folks are. By folks, I don't know if it will be haverford or GRC. depends on too many intangibles. would be ideal if I could merge the groups.

PR said...

My last three marathons have left me, respectively:

1.) Unable to walk without a cane
2.) Crying uncontrollably
3.) Urinating blood

I don't think I'm going to commit to anything after the race as a result. I also plan to "go with the flow." I'm feeling a bit better about this one, so I'm hoping some food and an ice bath will be in order afterward.

bain said...

I am catching a plane that night, but I should have a few hours for something afterwards. Definitely something low-key though; I won't be disco-dancing.

P Murph said...

I'm flying out at 6:30, so there will be no partying for me :*(