Thursday, April 3, 2008

Run Stronger: Developing Overall Strength and Balance

Come to the Georgetown Running Company in Chevy Chase, MD on April the 5th between 11am and 2PM to learn about the importance of strength and cross training to improve your running. On hand will be one of the region's best Personal Trainers, Taliaferro Warren, to talk about and demonstrate some of the techniques he incorporates into his PT menu to assist runners in the areas of injury prevention and muscle development.

Taliaferro- or "T" as he is known- is a NASM-Personal Trainer and an 8 year veteran of the fitness industry with experiences working with; youth to the elderly; physically challenged to professional athletes start up Personal training companies to national fitness chain. His ability to translate his passion and commitment by helping others make positive life changes by achieving their health and fitness goals, allowed him to immediately become a top-selling Personal Trainer. He has received national media exposure for exceptional his work with athletes and public speaking on health and wellness.

Taliaferro will be bringing his unique talents to the Georgetown Running Company on Saturday, April 5th. He will be providing on site, Posture and Movement Assessment along with exercise tips based on the findings. Movement assessments are dynamic observations that show postural distortions and potential overactive and underactive muscles in it naturally dynamic setting. This type of assessment can be done on any person of any age range and fitness level.

The store is located at 4461 Willard Ave in Chevy Chase. The Friendship Heights metro is ¼ mile from the store. If coming from the metro, exit the metro and cross Wisconsin Ave. Then precede to walk down Willard until you come to the store. The store will be on your right.

If you have questions, please call 310-215-6355

Max set this up with his many come check this guy out if you have the time on



Peter said...

Sound interesting. I plan on checking this out after we do the Rock Creek cleanup.

MAX said...

if any of you can make it great. this guy is a great trainer and really knows core and weight training applicable to runners. coffee and bagels, too boot!

Allen Carr said...

The clean up has been postponed due to weather from what I have heard. I would take a closer look if you are planning on doing that.

Peter said...

If the cleanup is postponed, I guess we can do a normal Saturday morning run. It will probably be a little shorter than normal I assume because Cherry Blossom is the next day.

Allen Carr said...

I was looking at the wrong clean up apparently. So I guess the Rock Creek one is still on.