Sunday, April 27, 2008

Upcoming Races

I need to update the race list (on the right hand column)...
Can people post (in comments) what races they plan on doing between now and Rockville Twilighter? We can see about adding teams to these races when applicable.

As a side note, as many of you know, Georgetown Running Company placed 4th (out of 83) at the Boston Marathon. At 10k, the team was in 13th place, at 13.1 we had moved into 7th place...35k in 5th place and by the finish we squeeked into 4th.


Matias said...

The BAA guys live for this race, so taking first was no surprise. Then there's the evil Pacers, Wardian and Wade are studs. The fact that G'town running placed 4th out of a gazillion teams is impressive, but the spread between PR, Bain, Klim, H Goats, and P Murph is insame, most teams don't accomplish that in a 10K.

Four minute 50 second spread for all five runners, no other team's top three could match that. Evidence that Georgetown Running is building something more than fast runners.

MAX said...

though i am not 100% sure, i would say that the reason are guys finished as a pack is due to regular training as a group/with each other, etc. i do not believe many of the other teams do this.

its called group love:)

Peter said...

This race on May 3rd is probably already closed but will be very interesting to watch.

St. Stephen’s & St. Agnes School
1000 St. Stephen’s Road Alexandria, VA 22304

New for 2008 – ‘Last Man Standing’ Exhibition 5000 meter race Thirteen local elite adult runners, each numbered 1-13, will participate in the race, and each high school athlete will randomly receive a corresponding paddle numbered 1-13. All thirteen elite adult athletes will start the race and at the end of each lap the last place runner will be eliminated. The high school students will win prizes based on the order their randomly assigned athlete finishes, with the prizes getting better the longer their runner stays in the race. After the conclusion of the meet, the students can take their numbered paddles to any of the four Pacers Running Stores locations (Alexandria, Arlington, Silver Spring, Fairfax) to receive their prize.

In terms of pre-Twilighter races, I plan on entering the DCRRC Age graded 4 mile run at Carderock. It's on the morning of the 4th of July. I believe it's a flat out and back on the towpath. I will be using it as a test effort to gauge my fitness. This is a very low key race judging from past results.

DaveO said...

Yo Matias thanks for the props. I plan on doing the following in addition to Rockville.

Capital Hill Classic 10K

Lawyers Have Heart 10K

The Caboose 5k (a dink race in Centreville b/c my buddy and the guy I coach with run it every year)

DaveO said...

Oh Sh*t, and our race of course.