Monday, April 7, 2008

Pikes Peek

Is anyone interested in racing the Pikes Peek 10K on 4/27?

If so, please reply in comments with:

1. your 10k PR and approx date
2. your goal time at this year's race



DaveO said...

I'm in.
10K PR: 33:01 Great Race Pittsburgh 2001 (net down hill like pikes peak).
Goal for Pikes: Sub 33:20 ie 5:20's

bain said...

I am in too (already signed up).
PR is 33:13 at 2007 Pike's Peek.
I will be shooting for under 33. I'll be happy with a 10K PR after running a marathon PR 6 days prior.

Matias said...

I may have already signed up, gotta check emails.
PR is 32:38 at 2007 Pike's Peak. I will be shooting for 33:00.

havegoats said...

bane- you're nuts! taking a page outta wardian's book?

Billy said...

I'd like to run it as well.

PR is 34:10 - Oct 2007
I'll be tagging along with DaveO again, hoping to run 33:20 or faster.

P Murph said...

Of course Bain is nuts. He ran Cherry Blossom without a shirt! Heck, he ran GW Birthday without a shirt!

I'll plan on being there to cheer.

Nate said...

bain is a monster......

33:12 PR March 2004
34:30 at Pikes Peak

Nietzche said...

This sounds fun.
PR: 31:21 - May 12, 2007 @ MIAC Track Champs
Goal: Under 33.

MAX said...

Here is the deal on this one. My firend Paul Rades PRd at Boston in 2006 where he ran 2:27 or something. The next week he ran Pikes Peek and PRd. The next day he tore his hamstring and has not run well or run much, since.

KLIM said...

The reason for the inquiry is that I may be able to get comp entries for some. I am confirming. Stay tuned.

There is no team competition...but there is prize money 10 deep. I was 10th last year with a 31:29 edged out by Kyle Smits...which is becoming a habit.

Place Men Women
1 $600 $600
2 $550 $550
3 $500 $500
4 $450 $450
5 $400 $400
6 $350 $350
7 $300 $300
8 $250 $250
9 $225 $225
10 $200 $200