Friday, February 6, 2009


As a sponsor of the USATF, the GRC scored a special parking permit for the above vehicle at tomorrow's USATF Cross Country Championships (THANK YOU MAX LOCKWOOD). This does not guarantee we will have a spot near the race course. As a result, Silent Thunder Bain and I are planning to establish the GRC Base Camp as early as 7:00am tomorrow morning in order to secure an optimal spot. Best case scenario: we're able to park somewhere near the race course. Worst case scenario: we're forced to park at Shady Grove.

What this means for YOU: If we are able to park near the course, the GRC Base Camp vehicle will be manned for most of the day (minus Women's and Men's Open races) and packed with oranges, bananas, PB&J/bread, cookies, chips, bottled water, Gatorade and BEER. If we are unable to park near base camp, my car will be stuffed with the above food items rotting away somewhere near the Shady Grove Metro, most definitely unmanned. In either event feel free to call me/us once you're in the area to rendezvous (305.240.0490).

Good luck to those racing...



Saturday, February 7, 2009 - Schedule of Races
USATF Cross Country Championships

9:00 a.m. Community 4 km
9:45 Masters Women's 8 km
10:45 Masters Men's 8 km
11:45 Junior Women's 6 km
12:30 p.m. Junior Men's 8 km
1:15 Open Women's 8 km
2:00 Open Men's 12 km

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