Sunday, February 8, 2009

Thanks for the support!!

Thanks to all the GRCers and friends who came out to support us this weekend at the USA XC Championships! Thanks, especially, to Jarrin and Bain for setting up base camp many many hours before the start of the race. Appropriately, the photo gallery of the men's race on the USATF website features Ernst, Melissa, Bain, Lindsey, Shannon, SMoney, and Sam cheering on Meb:

Photo Credit: Mike Scott,

The photo gallery also has a nice shot of Jake:

Photo Credit: Mike Scott,


KLIM said...

Yes, I can't thank the rest of the team enough for cheering around the entire course. Even Steve Money, who most of us thought was dead, was there!

Thanks for JARRIN for bringing all that food, water, gatorade and be-...soda.

Nate said...

I echo Murphy and Klim on their comments. The support was very much appreciated. It was definitely an amazing experience to be apart of!