Monday, February 2, 2009


I was running with my buddy Owen Washburn yesterday. He is training for the Austin Marathon. Good runner.

I enjoy running with Owen becuase he puts running in context and provides some objective analysis of the whole running craze. Since he freely admits to being a running nerd who, like many of us, is obsessive compulsive about the whole activity, talking about it in this context is easy for him.

In any case, we did a long run yesterday and spoke at length about the whole running culture, Let's Run, the obsession with PRs, the rationale behind running one's self into the ground, Once a Runner, and many other intersting facets of the RUNNING WORLD.

There are many ways of spinning this and providing one does not take any of this to heart or too seriously, there might be money to be made.

Just think of all of the sitcoms, movies and media creations that have come about from other sports such as football, baseball, hocky, and even golf.

FYI--I ran 2 hrs and 9 minutes total yesterday. I have been running 5 days per week. Running 5 days allows my legs to recover and makes the long/hard runs easier.

Peace out

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