Sunday, February 8, 2009

Keep it Going!

Next Up -
George Washington Birthday 10K

Saturday, February 14 @ 8:30am

Sam Blasiak
Jonathan Amato
Matt Ernst
Matias Palavecino
Alex Eversmeyer
Dylan Keith Jesse James Fred

Melissa Tanner
Caroline White
Sheena Dahlke

Send corrections to me.

Let's keep the good racing going! I am going to watch/support and then head over to the Store for a run post-race (circa 10am). Let me know if you want to join.


P Murph said...

I'll join you, Jake, to support the racers and run at the store.

Billy said...

I'll also come watch the race and then run afterwards.

Diego said...

Im in

Matt Ernst said...

I've got what we use to call dead legs and am not going to try to get them out racing for this race...sorry if that causes a problem. Good luck everyone who races...